My latest Shotcut video exports but isn't playable

I’ve made about 30 videos with shotcut so far. I’ve tried to export my latest video two times. It shows as an MP4 but my player won’t play it and claims it’s a file type that isn’t recognized. My other MP4s play fine.

As you can see in the image the file “FINALLY DONE” (I was hopeful) doesn’t show the resolution like the other file does, and the icon does not show a thumbnail like the working file does.

What can cause this?

You might have chosen the wrong settings for mp4.

Try to use the defaults one time, or right click, get the log from the export job. And upload it here.

The icon for “FINALLY DONE” shows an audio file instead of a video file. Are you sure you didn’t export it as an MP3 file instead of an MP4?

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