My Latest Serve Video

Nothing special to see here; just a video update for the TTW community on my tennis serve.


That’s cool.

I liked the flow, captions, special effects and duration.

Not knowing what a low-elbow in Tennis is, if its to be shown to the untrained like me, a closeup, still shot or slowmo of the before/after so that the idiots (ummmhh…) could learn something. I was too far down the ‘not sure what it is talking about’ to understand the implications and why I needed to know this.

Another camera, perhaps a phone camera or camcorder on a tripod filming the ball coming or landing in the far court would also be great.

I enjoyed my time watching it. Thank you.

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Hey David,

The video was made for the crowd at TTW (talk tennis warehouse forums) as a followup to another. I have actually done multiple views of the same serve in the past, including your suggestion, circling the low elbow when it occurs (versus the fixed version). So that was a bit lazy of me to be fair, and you are correct from a layman’s perspective. Good spotting, and since you demonstrated some curiosity, I shall expand below.

A low elbow is where, at the trophy position, it is lower than the shoulder line. Mine was still just within the limits of what is considered bio-mechanically acceptable and didn’t stop me from hitting over 100mph serves, but it bothered me slightly from an aesthetics POV. So at 45 seconds in the image montage, frame 4 is the position I’m talking about (corrected). Compare to Roger Federer and Pete Sampras:

Along with the waiter’s tray, it is the most common amateur mistake. This thumbnail is quite typical:

That’s a brief run down on the tennis serve (considered one of the most bio-mechanically y technical shots in all of sports) that hopefully explains a few things. I’m happy to elaborate more if you’re interested.

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