My first project with Glaxanimate - Video Title

Shotcut is a fantastic tool!

I used Glaxanimate to produce the title. I would like to make the mask contour a bit softer.
Colour Grading was used across the video.
Hue/Lightning/Saturation filter was used for a flare transition.
Threshold filter was used on the main character.
Brightness filter used to simulate night time.
Mask and Alpha channel filters were used - Mask was made on Runawayml.
Motion tracking filter wasn’t used but I will used it in the future.

Note: I’m not posting here to share my faith but to share how simple things can produce a great effect. I have other places/ways to do that. I just want to share my experiences with Shotcut.



i think i saw all the elements you listed as i watched.

how did you do the voice?

Hi Reagan,

The voice was generated by Speechelo (their basic package is fairly cheap).
There are better solutions but they are much more expensive.

See video filter Alpha Channel: Adjust with Mode = Blur.

Hi, Thank you for your input.
I previously tried that, but it looks like blur is too aggressive on the title. Shave is perhaps less aggressive.
I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing though…

Excellent! Great timing as I had been looking to improve my intro and appreciate you mentioning Glaxanimate. I’m going to give it a shot and hope the learning curve isn’t too steep.

I’m just getting into Color Grading + LUTs so some of this is over my head. What is Mask and Alpha channel filters / Runawayml?


I use this Ben Espanto’s fantastic Tutorial to guide me:

I hope this will help.

I used Runwayml website to create alpha masks/green screen to remove backgrounds. It is a commercial product. I pay monthly to have some tools. I used it on the breaking the bread and well in the desert scenes. It is far from being perfect but it is cheap.

Alpha channel mask allows you to remove part of the frame.
If you run a search on Youtube you’ll find some tutorials.

My advice is to go slow…
Play with Glaxanimate until you feel comfortable with that tool.

LUTS and Colour Grading are a different thing. Ben has some good tutorials for that as well.

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I have a Glaxnimate playlist on YouTube you might find useful.

Here is another nice one all from Eses Infor Learning.

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