My First Clip Does Not Show Up When I Export My Video

I am a fairly new user to Shotcut and I am attempting to export my video. Everything comes out great- the audio is fine, none of my clips are cut off, and the file size seems normal. However, my video starts with text (along with fade in and out video) and this first segment of my video does not appear when I export it. I’ve tried a few things, but nothing has worked. Does anyone know what the issue is? Any help would be much appreciated. Also, if this question was asked already, please forward me to that page.

Thank you!

Perhaps like this ?

Do you check your videos with the VLC player?
The VLC player displays the file name of the video in the beginning of the video!
If this is true, VLC has tricked you and your video is fine!

A screenshot would help out a lot.

Items that need to be shown in the screenshot:

  • Select the clip that has the text filter applied to it.
  • Click on the Filter panel, and select the text filter. (You may need to position the playhead to show the text in the preview window.)

To upload the screenshot, just drag and drop it into the reply window.

Sorry for the late response!

Even if your text appears to be white in the preview, it looks like it is set to black (or transparent?)


Select all the text on the screen and set it to white, or any other color than black.
Then, export and see if your problem is solved.


Thank you so much! I didn’t realize that my text was black on a black background haha.

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