My feature requests

I take my first steps in the shotcut editor. There was a task to digitize archival mini DVD cassettes and make trimming and easy editing. I want to thank the developers for the scan mode in the export settings. Other programs in which I tried to do this probably scanned sequentially, which spoiled the quality, and they did not have the ability to switch to interlaced. The export settings were a pleasant surprise.
There is a lot more to say thank you for, but let’s move on to criticism and wishes, because this is what can help make the shotcut better.

  1. In the preview window, you can cut out a part of the clip and add it to the timeline, but you cannot do it exactly frame by frame and then you have to trim it on the timeline. Double work.
  2. There are no blurs, which are often used. This is pointing in the right direction, in motion, centrifugal, and radial, which, in combination with the fisheye, which I hope will be animated in the new version, is used for zoom transitions. Naturally, all blurs must be animated.
  3. Smooth acceleration and deceleration. But not in the way it is done now, but without unnecessary complications, as, for example, it is implemented in CapCut or in Fillmore.
    This is what immediately caught my eye. Let’s see what happens with the update and add a wish list based on the changes.
    All the best and thank you for being you.

There are shortcuts you can use to move the playhead frame by frame:

  • Using the Mouse wheel on the Timecode counter.
  • Using the small arrows next to the Timecode counter
  • Using the left and right arrows on your keyboard.

I prefer the third option. When using the mouse wheel or counter arrows, the focus goes on the timecode counter (selected in blue). So to trim the clip, first you need to click elsewhere on the window to deselect the counter. Then you can use the “i” or “o” keys to trim the clip.
EDIT: Using the Tab key also works to remove the focus on the timecode counter.

You don’t have this problem with the left and right arrow keys.


Thank you very much for your response. About the use of “I” and “O” I did not know.


I might be misunderstanding (probably!), but you can easily add blur by using one of the various blur filters and then keyframing it to match the desired zoom.

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The VideoPad editor has those blurs that I mentioned here (I think this is not the only editor where there are such). And replacing them with blurs that are in Shotcut will not work.
There is also a big difference between a simple zoom and an animated fisheye zoom.

I’m just starting to use the Shotcut editor to digitize old mini-DVD cassettes and do basic editing. I appreciate the scan mode in the export settings, which improves quality compared to other programs I’ve tried. However, here are some suggestions for improvement:

In the preview window, precise frame-by-frame cutting would be helpful to avoid extra work on the timeline.

Adding various blur effects like motion, centrifugal, and radial, especially for zoom transitions, would be a great addition, and these blur effects should be animatable.

Implementing smoother acceleration and deceleration, similar to CapCutDownloader or Fillmore, would enhance the user experience.

I look forward to seeing these improvements in future updates. Thank you for your work!"

Already available using the shortcuts I and O (as well as while holding Shift to ripple those operations) or by zooming in the timeline when using the mouse and paying close attention to the tooltip that shows.

Implementing smoother acceleration and deceleration

You can already do that by adding more keyframes. On a parameter with curves for keyframes, a change with acceleration appears as a curve instead of a straight line. You can either simulate a rough curve with a few straight lines, and often that is good enough. Or, you can combine that with smooth keyframe type to make a smooth curve. In any case, it is quite possible we will add ease-in and -out to make that easier. Just saying you can already do that. If the parameter does not have a curve UI for keyframes it can still be done through appropriate spacing of keyframes and learning about the spacing technique on any parameter that does have a curve.

I am closing this thread now because there is a forum Suggestion category. There should not be one long multiple “feature requests” thread.