My exported video is blurred at some points

Hi community :slight_smile: . I exported my video edited and I got this problem when I play it with VLC media player:


  • The problem: Blurred
  • IMPORTANT: The problem only lasts for a few seconds each time.


  • Laptop features:

    • RAM:8GB
    • GRAPHICS:AMD Radeon R5 M230 (2GB DDR3)
    • PROCESSOR:Intel Core i7-4510U 2.00GHz
    • O.S.:Windows 8.1 (64bits)
  • Export video (from ShotCut):

    • I exported my video as: HEVC Main Profile with values by default: HEVC Main Profile values
    • NOTE 1: I tried to export as “OpenGL”, “DirectX (ANGLE)” and “Software (mesa)” (from: “Settings” --> “Display Method”) and I got similar problems.
    • NOTE 2: Windows Media Player can not play it completely, I mean, it plays the music but does not show me the video (that player shows me a “X” warning in this way: (X) My_video_edited.mp4). I play it with VLC media player and shows me both video + audio but with the problem above (blurred).

I have been struggling all day with this problem and I have no idea. Could you help me, please?

How does it look when played in Shotcut? I have seen VLC show problems like this when it is struggling, and Windows Media requires add-ons to play HEVC. You should also try by using only default options and without hardware encoder enabled.

First, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

When I play it in Shotcut works :open_mouth: (the little problem that I see is sometimes falling letter effect -which has the video itself not an effect created by Shotcut- falls slow but after export it that problem is fixed.).

About the exported video… I disabled hardware encoder and HEVC Main Profile had values by default to: “OpenGL”, “DirectX (ANGLE)” and “Software (mesa)” (from: “Settings” --> “Display Method”) and I got similar problems again. NOTE: VLC fullscreen mode has more blurry scenes than non-fullscreen.

Well… I would like to export the video with similar options as I get downloaded videos from 4K Video Downloader (I get it as .mp4 and I can play it from any player: VLC, Windows Media Player). Is there some export option to achieve that?

H.264 for the video codec is the safest choice. The defaults in Shotcut export gives this (In Export, click nothing, Reset, or the Default preset). Also, Settings > Display Method has no affect on Export.

Thank you so much, it works :slight_smile:

Good to know it :slight_smile:

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