My Export FPS are glitched (summarized)

I tried to summarize my FPS and compability problem to spare you time:

My source files: All 1280x720 (some 1920x1080) 60fps with very good bitrate.
My desired outcome: YouTube-(bitrate-adapted to spare file size) “.mp4” 720p60fps video.

Attempt 1:My manual export settings: (Youtube-Preset) + 1280x720, 25 FPS changed to 60 FPS.
My outcome: Everything perfect except for the Framerate, it still looks like 20-30 FPS instead of my entered “60,0000000” and in the file details of the exported file it says like “343 Frames per second”.

Attempt 2: I go to Settings->Project Video Mode-> and change it to “HD 720p 60 fps”
My outcome: My whole Project files get rearranged (The cut clips take the wrong interval of the source clips) but the video is finally 60 Fps.

My Shotcut problems: -Manual FPS change does nothing
-Choosing the right Video Mode (in Settings->Project Video Mode->“HD 720p 60fps”) does change my FPS but completely changes my project clips (taking the wrong intervall from the cut clips)

Why is my Shotcut so bugged? And yes, I reinstalled Shotcut and tried 3 different/older versions.

Thanks in advance.

You may have left the video mode set to “Automatic”.

Before you import your first file, set the video mode.

And in the export, just pick a preset and then Export. Changing advanced settings can cause issues.

My project/file-arrangement is already finished. You talk about the Settings of a “New Project”. Is creating a new project with these settings the only way I can fix this issue or can I somehow still save my finished project? Thanks for the reply by the way.

I fixed the problem. I changed the parameters of the “.mlt” project file (with Notepad++) to 60 fps including my wanted resolution and just exported it without going to the advanced settings.

Resolved. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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