My experience with Shotcut


Second time in a life I tried FOSS editing program.
I register here to post some glitches that makes this program unusable in any semi-professional way.

Shotcut version 18.07.02

  1. When pressing Play on last clip frame in Source window nothing happen. It should automatically start clip playback from begining. Or at least there sould be an otiopn to enable this.

  2. No Recent MLT files in File menu.

  3. No configurable keyboard shortcuts

  4. When I try to trim the clip in Source window and few time repeately press Space to play clip then strange, different things happen (from History window): Remove playl;ist item, Remove playlist item, Append to track.
    So using space in Source window is not reliable.

  5. Hone/End shortcut keys works in Source window, but not in Timeline. This is inconsistency.

  6. After Copying/Pasting Text filter with set first and last keyframes in the middle of a clip keframes are reset to initial 0 and last frame.

  7. No Undo for changing keyframe (tried on audio Gain/Volume filter) - changing keyrames positions (dragging) are out of History stack.

  8. Lack of Ctrl/Alt/Shift modifier to constrain moving keyframe horizontally or vertically.

  9. No preview of font color in Text filter. Changing of color is visible only after pressing OK in color dialog.

  10. No Undo for changing Text color.

… and dozens of other UX and ergonomy issues.

I appreciate that this program is free, but probably we never meet again, but… Good Luck.

That was an entertaining post.
Thanks for the laugh :rofl:

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You do realize that you’re only posting because Shotcut doesn’t work the way you expected it to work. It’s clear you didn’t go through any of the provided tutorials.

#2 Because they are in the “Recent” Window (Default Layout)
#4 & #5 are simply not true. Shouldn’t post false information.

Hopefully Dan will just close this topic, or better still - remove it. It’s a nonsense post