My Dog Max in Slow Motion

Hello everyone,
here my last funny work made with Shotcut.
Thanks to all contributors.


Max brings you many treasures. He must be a very good boy.

Nice video, Max is so cute

Very nice! I would mix the slo-mo with normal speed to see the difference. Intro is a bit too long imho :wink:

Aww… one happy dog you got there! reminds me of mine, a collie/husky cross …cute! Thanks for posting!

Like the video. Has Max had that piece of wood surgically implanted in his mouth? What camera and settings did you use to take the videos?

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Thanks to all for feedback.
Videos are taken with a Sony DSC-RX100M5A; It has a very slow motion recording mode (HFR).
The same was used in this video.

(Max ? It’s also hard to get the wood out of his mouth)

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