My 5G microwave radiation video made with shotcut

I posted this on you tube back in January and due to health reasons really haven’t had time to come back to the Shotcut forum and thank everyone who helped in creating it. It’s not getting the views I had expected but this may be due to it’s content. I kept the description to a minimum not wanting to give anyone reason to ask it be removed.


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That is really a difficult and problematic situation. I have never seen documented effects of microwave radiation from mobile phone repeaters like this. I am not an expert in this area and i can’t imagine how much a radiation peak of 30 mW/m2 or more means to humans. 30 mW sounds a small power at first but when it is consistent and at a few GHz-level can be dangerous. Did you contact the officials and medical experts for aid in this situation? They should take at least measures to protect the appartements nearby.
I am sitting in front of our WLAN repeater (1m away) and it probably peaks around a few 100 MHz to some GHz area. I don’t know the output power, but i remember i read something in the mW area. I have no instrument to measure the radiation precisely but i also don’t feel any effects on my. Might be that individual humans react very differently so some radiation exposure.

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