Music video using green scren creating triplets

I’d like to share with you how I made the video ‘Bridge Over Trobled Water (cover)’ which you can find i our YouTube channel in the link.
All videos was recorded on a Samsund A51 phone.
First we recorded three videos of ‘pair 1’ and three videos of ‘pair 2’ - from front, from behind and from the side. ‘Pair 3’ we only shot from front. - All of them in front of a green screen.
The campfire we got from a YouTube channel with free green screen-overlays and the forest in the background from a photo, I found on the internet.
Then I made a video with each of the three ‘pairs’ (all of course syncronized with the audio).
These three videos I put into a new Shotcut project, where I could zoom in and out, pan on them and cut between them (cut pieces out, which I placed on an upper track). The transitions I made by letting them overlap and use the transparency filter with keyframes.
I am fairly satisfied as I don’t think I have seen videos like that before (with triplets) using green screen tecnique.


Wow, beautiful video. Absolutely love the arrangement, great flute playing too (both flutes!) Vocal intonation is perfect too. I will watch this several times. Great work!! :+1: :+1:

I loved the video and the music. Great work.

That’s some sweet harmony. I think I enjoyed the video even more by knowing in advance what you did to create it.

Well done.

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