Multipurpose text track idea

I have the idea of a seperate text track.

My suggestions is NOT what is already asked for here: Separate Text Track

I want this text track to act like the audio tracks that can be cut and speedup along with video. And especially being exported seperately.
It would be nice if filters like “text overlay” can use this track as input like others here already mentioned. But i have something different in mind with it.

I want to use it for:

  • Making notes to my scenes (like markers), that do not have to show up in the video.
  • Having meta information along with the clip like GPS data or ISO/Shutter Speed which e.g. my action cams or drones record along with video.
  • Having an absolute clock time to help me sync multiple videos
  • Writing subtitles (as asked in the forum before).
  • Marking beats in a music track by loading a txt file with beat timestamps into that track (see my workaround here HowTo sync video clips to beat in music files)

The reason why i like to have this functionality is that i often cut videos of multiple cameras along with rendered graphics. For example flight videos/motorbike rides with GPS tracks on a map or physical experiments along with temperature graphs.
Currently i have to render hours of an animated data-graph, import it into the timeline along with the full video clips and then cut it all down to a 5 min clip.

Normally i can only cut the video and audio with videoediting tools - not the metadata like vehicle speed, altitude, position, ISO/aperture/shutter or temperature. Especially when speeding up some parts in the video, my metadata is totally out of sync.
So i don’t have the main demand for rendering this text track into my video directely (would be nice though).
I just want to have a text file with timestamps to cut along with my video and import/export seperately.