Multiple Video Entries on Timeline

I see a lot of entries with wanting to play multiple video tracks at the same time but I want to have only one but switch to the other videos but different angles of the same subject.

My question is how do I instruct the software at a certain points in time use V1 and switch to V3 then back to V1 and then to V2…just like if producing a live production.

Shotcut doesn’t have multi-camera editing features but it’s on their road map which you can see here.

So until then you will have to simply edit the footage accordingly.

Until Shotcut gets multi-cam editing you can stagger the clips on multiple tracks.


V1, main video/audio source. V2, V3 etc would be extra video sources.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just leave all tracks in place, and split, applying filter Alpha Channel Adjust, check marking Invert? Granted if V1 was the main audio source, to have other tracks muted. And with Ripple on, easy adjustments could be made very easily by dragging the split location. Allows for better transitions with fades, etc.

Now we are cooking with grease…In my example I took the videos of NYE fireworks and want to take the recorded video/audio of say three different sources and mute the audio on two of them but sync the video with all three and during the clip use different views. Always it is never easy when I try to do something…but if I have all three clips sync’d on the timeline how would I blank out two of the video tracks so that the only remaining clip/vantage point stays on?

Like I said, you have to edit accordingly. So when you don’t want a clip seen cut that portion out. If you want to use the audio of a clip but not have the clip be seen then just put that clip on an audio track.

I should also point out that when you stack separate clips on top of one other in separate video tracks then the clips above will cover up the clips below it. @Hudson555x’s suggestion of organizing the tracks is good way to use this software.

Thanks all…now its time to bring on the editing!

Good illustration., sauron.

That’s how I do all of my videos now, that and the way Hudson555x showed, using four very different cameras. Shotcut handles this very well for me.

For example, see Your YouTubeChannel - Follow-On “My First Vlog”

To save time and energy keep in mind that you only need to remove portions of the upper track(s) to expose portions underneath. You do not need to remove the portions on lower tracks to reveal the portions above it.

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Usually I leave the unused part of the upper track in place also, simply setting the video property to “None” for that section.

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