Multiple version installations

I have been using Shotcut for a while, I am using version 17.05.03. As for my computer, I am running windows 10. I can’t give you anything more specific since my computer was put together for me by my son, so there isn’t a label to give all of the specifics. It has run Shotcut with no problems, and I don’t think the specifics will come into play with my question.

I have seen tutorials on keyfames and the ability to zoom using size and position. I want to upgrade so I can use that feature, but do not want to give up the version I am used to. Somewhere I believe I read you can have more then one version of Shotcut on your computer, which is what I’d like to do so I would still have my old version to work with while learning the new stuff on the newer version.So here’s why I posted on this.

While I’ve used Shotcut for a while now and have a decent understanding of what I’m doing, I’m still not very computer literate. Installing Shotcut was simple so I could do that myself. But if I’m going to upload a newer version I don’t want to mess up my current version.

Is there anything special I have to do when uploading a newer version so I don’t mess up what I already have?

And again if there is please make it as simple as possible so I can understand it. Remember us old guys are always afraid to push a button for fear our computer will explode.

Thank you for any help. I love Shotcut and it has made making my YouTube videos so much easier.

It’s multiple installations.

You just have to install it in an ther folder or it will stamp the other one.

Let’s get terminology right :slight_smile:
Upload = Transfer from your computer to another, usually a server on the Web.
Download = Transfer from another computer, typically a server on the web to your computer.

As Keno40 says, you can have mulitple version of Shotcut installed provided the installation folder (destination) is different for each version.

When the installer window opens, the default path (location) is :
*C:\Program Files\Shotcut*

Just add the version number to the end and it will install to a new sub-folder. eg;
*C:\Program Files\Shotcut\1806*

To find the new version after installation completes, press the Winkey on your keyboard plus ‘R’ and enter this in the Run box that appears:

C:\Program Files\Shotcut\1806\Shotcut\

Then find Shotcut.exe (you may need to enable file extensions), right-click and choose ‘Pin to taskbar’.
You will now have the launch shortcut on the Windows taskbar. Click it to run the new version of Shotcut.

Sorry about that, guess I need to stick to one thought at a time. While writing the post I was thinking about the video I needed to upload to YouTube when I got done.

My current version would be the default path. So it appears just add the version number to the end of the default path, and I will have everything in a new folder which keeps them separate.

May I ask, which version is the first one or maybe best one where I will have access to keyframes that can be used with size and position to give a zoom affect? I do mainly fishing videos with a GoPro which makes everything look so far away. A zoom feature would be great.

The latest (18.06.02). The first version with KF’s introduced a few show-stopper bugs.

When at the page that talks about 18.05 and keyframes, when I then click on the download button the page it takes me to says download current version 18.06.02.

I take it even though it says 18.06.02, this is what I download if I want 18.05.

Thanks for everyone’s patience, appreciate the help.


Like I said, the first version which introduced Key frames also introduced a few nasty bugs, this is why I mentioned you download 18.06.02

Don’t make things difficult for yourself by ignoring advice, this is the point of asking for help isn’t it?

Keyframes was introduced with 18.05. More development with Keyframes in 18.06

Yes, every download link on this page will take you to the newest version, currently 18.06, if you wish to have an older version, you need to click this link:
Releases · mltframework/shotcut · GitHub

This github link is located at the bottom of the downloads page
Older versions are available for download.

I don’t get why clicking on the download page link I supplied for 18.06.02 then clicking the link for the installer (for you OS) is so difficult that it requires further explanation.

I’ve seen you say more then once you don’t use the latest version because of bugs, so I wished to follow that lead and avoid any problems. This is why I thought I’d want 18.05 to avoid the latest version.

Yet when I clicked on the download link for 18.05, it took me to 18.06.02, which I assumed was the latest link, one you said you did not use because of bugs.

I’m not ignoring, I’m just trying to understand and do it right the first time.