Multiple Text: HTML titles

I have created a video with several Text:HTML but when I export they all turn into the last Text:HTML I created.
I don’t see an option for “Save as” for the filter I created so it just overwrites the previous Text:HTML … so how do I create and export a video with multipale and difreent Text:HTML filters?

Thank you!

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If you use the blank HTML template, a save dialogue will open, you need to give the file a name and save it.


When you add another text HTML filter and use a blank template save the file with a different name. The same applies when using the blank with web animations template.

If you use any of the other templates a save dialogue will open and you need to select a folder to save the file to. Create a new folder, select it, the html components will be saved to the selected folder.


You need to create and save to a different folder each time you use the template.

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Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I dont get a dialog box… it just saves it in the same folder each time (overwriting itself)

Thank you solved!

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Did you File > Save As?

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