Multiple "size, position & roate" filter

I’m trying to use multiple “size, position & roate” filter on a clip. The original clip size is 2688x2016 (4:3) and I put it into a 2688x1512 (16:9) video mode. It will be automatically shrinked to 2016x1512 (4:3) to fit the height.
When I apply the 1st SP&R filter with 150% zoom, it’s fine and fill the entire frame. But when I apply the 2nd SP&R filter without changing any setting (zoom=100%), it crops the video to 2016x1512 (same as the shrinked version).
The reason why using multiple SP&R filter is to fix a super unstable shot with motion tracker. Use the 1st SP&R filter with keyframes loaded from tracker to keep the target at the center. And use the 2nd SP&R filter to manually rotate (to compensate) and zoom-in the unstable shot. (rotation without keeping object centered first will mess the tracker up)
I thought the 2nd SP&R with 100% zoom will not affect anything, but it crops. Now I’m stucked and need some help.

sorry, this post should be in help/how to.

I think that at that step, before you continue with the other operations (stabilize and rotate) you should export the video.
You’ll end up with file that will already fit a 2688x1512 (16:9) project. Shotcut will not need to automatically shrink the video in the first place.

Then you should be able to perform your other steps without any problem.


Thanks for the workaround.

But export (crop) will throw some of the frame alway, which is useful in stablize and rotate (those parts will be back into the frame sometimes).


I think there are some functions can be improved:

  1. import
    (now) the larger resolution clip will be automatically shrinked to fit into the video mode. The SP&R filter will use this resolution as 100%.
    (workaround) use larger resolution video mode to prevent automatic shrinking. But might need to add a mask to indicate the actual frame size.
    (improve) Do not automatically shrink to fit the video mode when importing a larger resolution clip.

  2. SP&R filter
    (now) SP&R filter will crop the frame according to the “size value”
    (workaround) no
    (improve) SP&R filter only zoom & rotate, do not crop.