Multiple select and filters

I have tried to select more clips in the timeline and apply a filter (high pass audio filter). Then I expected, that the filter would be applied to all the selected clips. But it was only applied to the first of the clips selected. Is this the correct behavior of Shotcut in this case?

I can use a copy paste function and apply the filter to each clip one by one. But perhaps I am not aware the right way to do this. I thinks this subject have been asked about previously, but I am not quite sure of the previous questions and answers, and the state of the version now. Just now I use version 22.06.23.

There’s no multi-select support yet (it’s on the roadmap).
You can either copy paste it or add the filter to the entire track and all the clips on that track will be affected by it.

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You can also apply filters to tracks - which may be useful if all the clips on a track need the same filter to be applied.

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Thank you for your answers. It was very helpful. It is good to know, that a change is on the roadmap.

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