Multiple masks and transition issue


I’m having an issue when I have clips with blured faces and try to apply simple transition between clips. The masks appear “fixed” from next clip and there is no transition effect. It happens when there is more than one simple mask for blur.

I started using recently simple shape masks (with keyframes for their position, of course). The first one is set as “overite” and all the next ones are “maximum”.

When there is only one simple shape mask, problem doesn’t occur. Before this solution I was using “Spot remover” filter and it was not causing this kind of problem during transition.

Can anyone please help me find a solution? I tried duplicating clips to another video path without filters, then making the transition on the path with filters and then applying additional blur to the transition, but this is a poor workaround :slight_smile:

Masks work with the track below, so if you add multiple masks and use mask apply, you will get strange results when you don’t have a track below the filters.