Multiple images with zoom effects not a smooth transition

I’m trying to achieve an effect of zooming out of an image to view a larger set of data. These are large image files so I can’t just have 1 big image that is zoomed in enough and then add the zoom out keyframe because the size filter only supports up to 1000% zoom in and that is not enough. So I have multiple images where each have a size filter to zoom out. Here’s a example that shows the issue.

The main issue is the zoom out speed is different for each image. In the above video, you can see the slowness each 4 seconds, that is how long each image zoom out clip effect is. I’ve tried changing the duration of each image clip with respect to how much zoom out is required for that image but I still can get a smooth zoom out effect across multiple images. Thanks for any suggestions.

I’m not pretty sure, if I understood correctly, but maybe, if you use ‘Size/Pos’ filter two/several times?

can you share the project source somewhere, it is hard to give advice, when you can’t see how it is implemented, just the result.
I had to make it i would use a number of source images, at different sizes and add them as mutiple clip and add a SPR filter on each and zoom with simple keyframes so the last frame of a clip is almost matching the size og the next clip where the image has another size.

I tried to replicate your project (on a smaller scale) and after many trials and errors I came up with a pretty decent result.

I made a mosaic of 25 photos and from that mosaic I exported these 3 images at 1920x1080 pixels each:

I imported the images in Shotcut, on 3 tracks:

I don’t have time this morning to make it perfect, but so far it doesn’t look too bad. With a few more attempts, I think the de-zoom effect will look seamless.

Later today or in the evening, when I have more time to spend on this, I’ll try to make a quick video tutorial (maybe with a bigger mosaic).

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Awesome as always, just the way I imagined it :grinning:

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You can zoom in more than that by changing the value of one of the size fields. A slider naturally needs a maximum, but these numeric fields have a max of 999999999. Of course, the zoom slider will remain at 1000% when you actually go higher.


Thanks, I will try all these suggestions soon.

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