Multiple Fade Ins Fade Outs

Newbie … If you drag the blinking white circle top left of a section you can create fade ins, and if you go to Keyframes view you can adjust … but you seem to only be able to do 1 Fade In and 1 Fade Out ?
Is there a way to do many, using the same effect … or do you need more effect layers???

Hi @TRS7

Fade-ins and fade-outs only work at each end of a clip.

If you want to fade at multiple places in a clip, you’ll need to use the Opacity filter, with keyframes.

Opacity is not useful if the clip is on V1. For that situation use Brightness filter with Keyframes. Alternatively split the clip and use fades as usual.

True. However, I didn’t mention it (but I should have) because to me, if someone needs to lower the opacity at multiple places in a clip, chances are that there will be another clip on a track below it.

thanks man, I appreciate it

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