Multiple camera shots for music videos

Hi all,
I’m slowly getting used to Shotcut, and for a free app its excellent and very useful. I think I may have possted before but I have one big problem here; I want to make music videos with different camera angles, cutting to outside / inside scenes etc. I have done one video like this but it was pretty painstaking to be honest. My method is to have all of the shots in the playlist, place them on the timeline etc. So far so good. but to move from one view to another at the same time as keeping it all in sync with the song is difficult. I use the “eye” icon to just have one view visible and the other camera angles all blanked out. But that means Shotcut looks at the clip closest to the top each time and then looks to the one below so its tricky to get them in oder when jumping from clip to clip. Anyway this isnt a moan, I think its an excellent open source program and I am grateful for it as an impecunious musician! to my question;
Is there a tutorial out there on how to make a multiple shot MUSIC video whilst maximising a speedy workflow? All the tutorials I saw were for simple shots of different scenes but no music to adhere to.

Hi @Ricky230

Maybe this tutorial by @bentacular will help you. He cleverly uses invisible (or hidden) tracks to make things easier.


Personnellement je met la vidéo de la caméra 1 sur V1 et la vidéo de la caméra 2 sur V2, ainsi de suite. Le plus difficile c’est d’aligner les clips de toutes les caméras
Je choisis la piste son de la caméra la meilleure, je la détache et la place sur A1.
Ensuite, il suffit d’appliquer un filtre opacité sur les pistes supérieures et de faire varier de 0 à 100 avec des images clés.
Exemple avec 2 caméras
V1, pas de filtre opacité donc toujours visible. Au-dessus V2 à un filtre opacité, lorsqu’il est à 100% on voit V2, lorsqu’il est sur 0% on voit V1
(Pour un changement brut, règler les images clés sur discret)
Pensez aussi à régler les pistes vidéo sur muet (symbole du haut parleur sur l’entête de piste)

Personally I put the video of camera 1 on V1 and the video of camera 2 on V2, so on. The most difficult thing is to align the clips of all the cameras
I choose the sound track of the best camera, I detach it and put it on A1.
Then I just apply an opacity filter on the top tracks and vary from 0 to 100 with keyframes.
Example with 2 cameras
V1, no opacity filter so still visible. Above V2 has an opacity filter, when it is at 100% we see V2, when it is on 0% we see V1
(For a raw change, set the keyframes to discrete)
Remember also to set the video tracks to mute (speaker symbol on the track header)

That’s interesting I’ll play around with the opacity filters and see how it goes thanks

Yes I’ve seen that thanks and I use this technique. It’s more difficult with a music video as everything has to be perfectly in sync. It’s important to keep work to a minimum or I end up spending far too much time editing as I have to play all the instruments myself as well as make the video!

About aligning the audio between tracks.
Are you aware of this?

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Thanks yes I was vaguely aware but found it a little difficult to grasp. I will look again it’s a very steep learning curve for me!

Just tried this and so far so good its really clever!

Voyez dans le projet ci-joint comment on peut traiter les changements de caméra avec un seul filtre opacité sur le clip de la piste V2

See in the attached project how to handle camera changes with a single opacity filter on the V2 track clip

Multiple (519.5 KB)

Sorry for being stupid but where do I extract these files to?

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