Multilayered & with humanized camera. project files attached

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this is more a multi-layered video project. The last step was to put the paper (which is attached as a project below if you like to have insight) with corner-pin and size-and-position ontop of the main video.

The projectfiles of the Paperclip for study purpose

Feel free to tell me if you have a better approach to making such video.

Have a good day


The “humanised” camera (it was static) is achieved with some randomnes in Position and Rotation. I think at least small amounts of rotation gives me a natural feel.

Greetings from Leipzig

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Lot of work, no doubt, but the result is very impressive.
I love it when I see that someone took the time to think, experiment and figure out how come up with nice effects like this one.

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Thank you MusicalBox - I remember how long it took for me to pruduce videos some years ago. I have fun with it :slight_smile:

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