Multi-trimming in Shotcut?


I’m giving Shotcut a try as a free replacement for Corel VideoStudio.

The How-to section doesn’t say if Shotcut can multi-trim a video, ie. slice a video into multiple parts by removing the rest of it, and combine the parts with some transition effect.

Can it do this?

Thank you.

You’ can do this using the tools provided within Shotcut.

For others’ benefit: Shotcut works differently from Corel VideoStudio.

As far as I understood, here’s how it’s done in Shotcut:

  1. Select a clip from the source video
  2. Display the Playlist, and hit the + sign to add the selected clip to the list
  3. Click on Export to join the clips into a single video.

If you need extras, such as transitions or additional video/audio tracks, click on the Timeline button, and drag and drop clips from the Playlist.

Transitions also work differently from Corel VS: In the Timeline, you must drag and drop a clip over the previous clip.

I haven’t yet found how to unselect a clip in the Source (footage) window.