Multi-Track Timestamp Based Sync

I have two tracks both with perfect start times and identical frame rates/encodings/etc.
I presume there exists some option to move the start of each these tracks to the correct relative offset to each other?
What is this called and how do I do this?

I can’t figure out how to google this as “time” overlaps enough with timeline to ruin general search results.

There is a new feature to sync tracks based on sound.

Do you have actual timestamps shown on each video?

Are you wanting to group the clips together so that they move together and keep their existing sync?

Hi! Thank you for the reply. Sadly there is no useful audio (distances of 100+ meters), only a start creation time which which was synced by an on-board clock of the device. I realized this isn’t sufficiently perfect for some purpose but is most likely more than adequate for me (in terms of synchronization).

No, I’m looking automatically place clips within tracks and between tracks based upon their creation time.

Oh, gotcha. What you’re looking for is multi-camera timecode sync. Shotcut currently does not read timecode or use creation date at all. So, the workflow you’re trying to achieve is not directly supported.

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