Multi-track composing in Cubase - new tutorial

Hi folks, this is my new tutorial - but it’s not a Shotcut tutorial …

I had the idea of making a tutorial video showing how I composed a piece of music in Cubase - showcasing the sounds and effects I used. It’s a sort of “guide to multi-track composing”.

Although not ABOUT Shotcut, it is, as Stefan says, “proudly made in Shotcut”!

As you may imagine, there were lots of audio balance challenges with this one. And audio sync challenges.

One of the challenges (not about balance but about audio) was how to capture the Cubase screen with sound. Apparently Cubase diverts the audio output away from the Windows audio which makes it difficult to capture. I finally figured it out by routing the audio via a program called Audiomeeter ***, and did it with ShareX. (This is not Shotcut related but I know there are a few folk here interested in audio and also Cubase matters…)

***EDIT *** Sorry, that should be “VOICEMEETER”.

I put in a few of @MusicalBox 's light burst transitions, after following @bentacular 's tutorial! And a Sliding doorway transition… :smiley:

PS to @shotcut - with a very complex timeline like this one had, it was SO GOOD to have the “centering zoom” feature in 20_10_31. It saved me so much time, so Thanks! :+1:


Amazing as always

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I didn’t see the video yet but on the subject of audio capture, it has its particularities due to the latency and/or the exclusivity of the audio engine that requires certain software.
When I run some software that uses ASIO for low latency, I end up using ReaRoute (included in Reaper Daw) to avoid that exclusivity and allow ASIO on multiple clients. With this, any standalone application that uses ASIO, can link to the DAW and get-send the sound in a common environment.
In Ubuntu Studio, the use of Carla - Jack and its graphical routing, allows a very wide range of combinations between different applications.
I used Voicemeeter some time ago but it didn’t get along with my PC (W10) and I didn’t know how to make it work properly.
It would be interesting to know how you have configured everything to take advantage of that in applications that do not use ASIO.
Thank you for your video, I presume it will be great.


Gosh @bentacular, thanks!

Thanks @ejmillan, of course I meant VOICEMEETER not Audiomeeter! Have corrected my opening post. Thanks for the heads-up for ReaRoute. I’d never heard of it. Yes, took a while to figure out how to get VM to work with Cubase. If I get time later I’ll list the steps I took. I’m thinking of making a YT tutorial on it :wink:

Hmmm… this is interesting. YouTube has slapped a copyright claim - on my music!!

(Apparently I they are not banning my video because of this - they just say that if I were to monetize the video I wouldn’t get any payment, instead it would go to to the copyright claimants instead)!
Here’s the thing - the copyright claimants are PEDL (Pan European Digital Licensing) - and UMPG Publishing (Universal Music Publishing Group)!!

Of course I have disputed this claim - the only thing unoriginal about my piece Zingerama is the chord sequence A, E, F sharp minor, D - a very common chord sequence! The rest of the music is mine - the bassline, the melody, countermelody, harmonic padding, drum rhythms, the structure etc etc.
It will be interesting to see how they respond - they have 30 days.

Ha! Good try, Universal Music Publishing Group!! :grinning:

Youtube message - copyright claim


I didn’t even realize that, my mind directly connected it to Voicemeeter.:slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t know anything about this either until a few months ago.

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The algorithms filter and there is no control, so disputes are quite frequent in YT.
For the issue of music rights are very fast in blocking, however in controversial issues or directly false, there is not so much haste in blocking content by Youtube.

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Votre composition est très agréable à écouter.
Quand je vois ce que vous arrivez à faire à partir de 4 accords, bravo l’artiste.
Vous allez me dire que c’est grâce au matériel, moi je dis que c’est grâce au talent.

Je suis heureux que YT ait reconnu son erreur.

Your composition is very pleasant to listen to.
When I see what you manage to do with 4 chords, congratulations to the artist.
You are going to tell me that it is due to the material, I say that it is due to the talent.

I’m glad that YT recognized its mistake.

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Well done. I like the music, the way you put the video together and the behind the scenes look at the composition. Is this music intended for submission to a music library? It sounds suitable for the background music in a commercial or perhaps in a video of some drone footage. I can easily imagine it being used for something like that.

Thank you @namna. Sorry for the delayed reply! Composing the music was actually the less time-consuming aspect of this project - I think I made the music in a couple of hours. Putting the video together took a lot longer!

Merci @namna. Désolé pour la réponse tardive! La composition de la musique était en fait l’aspect le moins chronophage de ce projet - je pense que j’ai fait la musique en quelques heures. Le montage de la vidéo a pris beaucoup plus de temps!

Thanks @pbattersby - and I gather you compose music too? From what I’ve heard on the videos you’ve posted, your music is impressive.

Well, it’s lying on my hard drive while I think of what to do with it and while I ponder whether I can make the odd dollar or two out of it… :laughing:

Thanks! I’d prefer to just focus on composing music but I figure the videos are necessary to get my music on YouTube and Shotcut is making it far easier to do that than anything else I’ve tried.

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