Multi Audiovisualation test

This is an audio test visualization.
I dug out my old music sequencer, where the MIDI files from the music track “Eurythmics - Beethoven (I love to …)” are still on disk.

I recorded the pure instrumental piece of music on my mixer and imported it into SC as a wav file.
At the same time I filmed the sequencer. Because the display in the first shot is too overexposed, I had to take a second close-up of the display and put it over the display of the first film.
I synchronized the whole thing in the timeline.

I made two video tracks from the Wav file so that I could use the filters to assign the audio visuals.
On the left you see a colored ‘Audio Spectrum Visualization’ rotated by 90 degrees, which rotates once by 360 degrees.
I took two visualization filters in the second WAV video track which you can see on the right.
A colored ‘Audio Waveform Visualization’ and below that a colored ‘Audio Light Visualization’ for more dynamic coloring.

Have fun listening to this ‘Beethoven’ year!


Nice video.
What sound bank was the sequencer programmed to use? Very 80’s sounding, like it.
Just needs some cowbells. :rofl:

16 Tracks and System Exlusive Data programmed the soundbank for the only internal sounds in the QY700.
Btw. Do you know the Original Track? :smiley:

Yes, know the original track from the late 80’s (87/88 I think).
Not one of their most well known or popular songs, but I quite enjoyed it and still do.
For me though, “The miracle of love” is the best one to appreciate Annie’s voice.

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If german SHOTCUT users want to see how it’s made then a brandnew tutorial is here:

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