.MTS causes 18.06.01 to abruptly close

.MTS files from my Panasonic camcorder open fine in the source player but dragging to the timeline causes Shotcut 18.06 to abruptly close.
Fine in earlier versions up to 18.03 (I skipped until 18.06)
Log attached.

shotcut-log.zip (3.1 KB)

Windows 10 Pro 64bit 1803
AMD Phenom II X6
20Gb DDR3
SSD boot drive
R7 360 Radeon
Windows Defender

In case it’s useful, here’s the Media Info dump of an .MTS video file.

MediaInfo.zip (946 Bytes)

I have plenty of MTS files from a variety of cameras. It is the very common AVCHD format. My samples all work fine. There is an item on the road map (used to be?) to run a quick test on every newly opened file in a separate child process to prevent crashes like this. It will be coming with the forthcoming media library feature that reaps the metadata from the file in the same stroke.

I’ve MTS from a Pana GX7 and same for me => Crash when adding to an empty track.
If I put an object on the track first, after that, it’s OK.

One Mp4 just did the same.

From the log:

[Info ] Application::Application Starting Shotcut version 18.06.01

This is a known bug in v18.06.01. Upgrade to v18.06.02:

See also the blog release post update message at the top.
See also the “Click here to check for a new version of Shotcut” prompt in the app at startup.

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Thanks, that’s fixed it :+1: