MP4 video not exporting to MP4

so I recorded a pretty short video for youtube in MP4 format using OBS, a simply 1080p 60fps video, and I set up recently a new export format that will export in said quality (since the original YouTube preset only goes out in 720p 30 FPS) I know there is another preset under DNxHD but I haven’t tested it and already know the youtube preset exports fine so I adjusted based on that. I also removed the “movflags=+faststart” in my new custom preset because I noticed in the past this command-thing was causing the early minute and a half-ish of the exported video to be in lower quality.

For codec I’m using the h264_nvenc with Quality = 59% and somehow the GOP got moved to 150 instead of 15 (may explain the problem, further testing needed). These settings export the video just fine but there is a problem. The videos are coming out as just “files” instead of the MP4 format as commanded in the preset. Does anyone know more to what could be the cause? I’m testing changing the GOP back to 15 as I write this.

When you export, are you adding “.mp4” as part of the filename? The export “Save as” dialog does not automatically add .mp4 for you.

The faststart option shouldn’t have anything to do with the encoded quality of the video. All it does is move the index from the end of the file to the front. There is no video data in the block that’s moved.

YouTube will accept any GOP despite their recommendation of half the frame rate. Reasonable GOP values are between 12 and 149.

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This worked! I’m not sure what started the issue because it DID auto-render the videos as mp4 already, but simply tagging mp4 at the end fixed it.

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