Mp3 and M4p music files not working in Shotcut

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to this software and video editing in general. A few days ago I downloaded a song (m4p format) from iTunes and when I imported it into Shotcut, there’s no sound at all. I tried adding it to both an audio track and a video track but neither worked. I made sure the tracks were not muted and the audio slider was sitting at “0”. The file itself plays just fine in iTunes. I then downloaded an mp3-format song from a different software, and this time Shotcut wouldn’t even let me import the file. There were no error messages or any notifications at all, it just wouldn’t get imported when I tried to drag the file into the playlist or the timeline. I tried using iTunes again earlier today, and the first song I downloaded couldn’t get imported at all, while the second song could get imported but had so sound, just like the first time I tried doing this (both songs are still in m4p format). I’m using Shotcut on Windows 10 64 bits. I would really appreciate some help, thanks in advance.

I read this about the m4p file format

A file with the M4P file extension is an iTunes Audio file, or sometimes called an iTunes Music Store Audio file. It’s really just an AAC file that’s copy-protected using a proprietary [DRM] technology created by Apple.

Perhaps this will affect importation.

I tried several mp3 and m4a files and had no problem importing them into Shotcut. They were not copy-protected files.

Can you share that mp3 file (or the features) to see what’s going on?

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Hi, thanks for the reply! I can’t upload the mp3 file (got the “the file you are trying to upload is not authorized” message) but here’s some info on the file image

And when I try to drag the mp3 file into the timeline, it appears normal but when i let go of my left click, nothing happens, the file is simply not imported.

On the other hand, when I imported the m4p file, there is no sound at all. Here’s a screenshot of the file imported in both a video and an audio track.

I just downloaded Shotcut on my windows 10 laptop and the same issue occurred

I don’t have the files you are using so I downloaded the video from a live YT.
I also downloaded the audio from YT at 320 Kbps.
I dragged in the mp4 video file (AAC audio) and there were no problems.
I dragged the audio file to a previously created audio track and there was no problem.
Here you can see where we can see the audio (or video) information of each file in Shotcut.
You can’t load any video or audio files into Shotcut?
If that’s the case, maybe a copy of the Shotcut log would help the developers detect what’s going on.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I can load videos in Shotcut just fine and it’s only the music files that I’m having problem with. Yesterday I used Audacity to record the sound of my PC while playing the song I wanted from iTunes and exported the file as WAV format, and it worked! Still not sure why m4p and mp3 don’t work for me tho.

Here are the properties of one of the songs I downloaded from iTunes (it has no sound in Shotcut), and I still can’t import any mp3 files to Shotcut

And here’s the song I recorded using Audacity

I lean towards DRM copy protection being the issue, as @ejmillan stated.

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