Moving Tracks Does Not Change The Hierarchy Of Tracks

Version 22.06.23 Windows 11

When a track is above another track, whatever is on the upper track will show as being on top of the lower track. With the ability to move tracks up and down the order, this should change so that if the upper track and the lower track switch positions what was covered before with the upper track will now be seen on top. The bug here is that this does not happen after moving tracks.

In this demo, I have a red box on V2 then create a new track above it and place a green copy of the same box on V3. Even after I move the V3 track with the green box below and the red box is bumped up, the green box is still visible when the playhead is on a point where the red box should be seen instead. I also demonstrate that the only way you can see the red box is when I disable V2 which is where the green box is at after the swap.


Not sure if it’s a bug but a workaround is go to track properties and change the blend mode on both tracks (V2 & V3) from ‘Over’ to ‘None’. My understanding is every additional video track has the default of ‘Over’ as blend mode, with the original track V1 without a blend. Anyway, this corrects the issue you have highlighted.


:open_mouth: I’m surprised no one reported this bug before.

It’s also present in v22.06.07

It’s a workaround I agree, but only for those who will read this thread.
It doesn’t correct the issue for everyone else.

It is expected that whatever is on the top track should cover anything that is under it.
If V2 become V3 after moving it, in the preview it should automatically be on top as well.


Apologies. Maybe my use of the phrase “corrects your problem” was wrong. Yes it’s a bug and I too am surprised it wasn’t picked up earlier.

The workaround offered was simply that a workaround to make do until corrected. I agree not everyone would read the post.


This is fixed for the next release. Let’s all try to test it extra hard during the beta period.


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I tested for a few minutes, with a different amount of tracks and the problem described by @DRM seems to be fixed in 22.09 BETA.
However, can someone else test Track reordering? I had Shotcut crash on me a few times after moving tracks a couple of times in a row.
EDIT: Could be a coincidence, but I had a second instance of Shotcut opened (different version) when the crashes occurred. It stopped crashing after I closed that other window. And crashed again one time after re-opening it.

One other thing maybe?
When moving a track UP from V1 to V3 for example, the new entry in History says “Move track down”
And when moving a track DOWN, the new entry says “Move track up”

I have also experienced intermittent crashes after moving tracks. But I am not able to narrow the problem down. If anyone finds any more clues about what is common when the crash occurs, let me know.

Good catch. Fixed.

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I don’t know if this is the bug @MusicalBox is experiencing, but I am experiencing a crash or freeze that is fairly reliably reproducible:

  1. Launch Shotcut.
  2. Open a video file.
  3. Set an in point and out point by trimming in the player.
  4. Drag-and-drop it from the player to the timeline.
  5. Add a video track V2.
  6. Set another in point and out point in the player.
  7. Drag-and-drop it into V2.
  8. Add another video track V3.
  9. Do Step 6 and 7 into V3.
    Now we have a project with 3 tracks with 1 clip on each.
  10. Save the project and close Shotcut.
  11. Relaunch Shotcut.
  12. Open the project.
  13. Move the track V2 up onto V3.
    Shotcut might crash at this point.
  14. Add a video track V4.
  15. Move the track V3 up onto V4.
    Shotcut might crash at this point.
  16. Click on the clip on V2.
    Shotcut might crash at this point.
  17. If Shotcut hasn’t crashed till now, check the player to see if it’s working.
    The player might be freezen at this point.
  18. If none of the steps above caused a crash or freeze, restart the PC and start from Step 11.

Tested on 22.09.01 beta.
Shotcut doesn’t crash with 22.06.23 or prior versions.
Tested on Windows 11.

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@TRA, it’s great that you were able to hone in on the steps to reproduce a crash with moving tracks around. Like @MusicalBox I was experiencing crashes as well but my experiencing with crashes after moving tracks around was back when the feature was first added actually. I didn’t report it because I couldn’t figure out what triggered it. Hopefully you did or at the very least got to one of the scenarios that causes it.

I submitted a fix for this. If you get a chance to test the daily build, let me know if it works better for you.