Moving text on video

Just experimenting to add text on viddeo. I made the text move on the video, but cannot control font size.
I will try to upload here the1 minute clip, it is a slideshow made with some other program.
You can see how font size changes on the second half.
And another thing - the movement is not smooth, it is 'jumpi".
Had to “zip” it, since video is not authorized.
Cannot upload a simple mp4 file, zipped file “too big” (14, mb), have no cloud account, if you can give me a link on my email, then I can send the video, if not, please cancel the question.
Answers will be appreciated.

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Upload it to YouTube.
Provide the link in the reply.

You can control the font size. You press the button right next to the words “Font” and there you can control the actual font, the font style and the font size. It’s not very clear what else you are asking but here is a tutorial on using text in Shotcut and see if it clears anything up for you.

To animate/move the text on screen you use Keyframes. Here is a video explaining how to use Keyframes.

In order to animate text size, you should turn off “Use font size” or use a very large size if it is turned on. As for the smoothness of movement, you must export the video to judge the result. preview is intentionally less quality and still real-time processing (Settings > Realtime) may drop video frames.

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Hope this time the upload works, compressed the video and zipped it.Shotcut (2.0 MB)

Hello! I prefer tutorials with text and images.Are there any written tutorials to Shotcut?

Hi Motim, I downloaded your video and put some example animated text on it. Just random stuff to show off what can be done. Here it is:

Happy to share the mlt file :slight_smile:
Shotcut text-9A with added text by jonray 01.mp4.mlt (44.7 KB)

Bear in mind though that you probably won’t have all the fonts I used, so the text will probably come out as the default, ie Times Roman.

I animated the text using the advanced keyframes feature of the text filter.

Hope this helps,

Nothing official (may have some inaccuracies), but there are some contributed ones:

Shotcut - Getting Started Guides (non-English)
and (English)

Hello jonray,
Thanks for the video, the moving text is nice. I downloaded the mlt file, have most of the fonts in the system. Playing some tutorial video, I guess (correct me if I’m wrong), for each moving line had to make a transparent section of the original video, but how to animate the text. I will have to search for some (if available) tutorial.
And another thing, the text I made on the video, is not moving smoothly, like the animated texts you made.
Answers will be appreciated.

This is probably only during preview because the computer and shotcut is not fast enough to do it in realtime. It will be smoother in the export result. If you still want it smoother, increase the frame rate of the export or in Settings > Video Mode before starting a project. If that is still not smooth enough, then it needs motion blur, which is not yet available in Shotcut.