Moving mask by mouse drag

Hello, I’m not sure if this is in roadmap but it will be nice if Mask could be moved by mouse drag. Editing it by moving sliders or changing % values is not nice. Greetings.


Yeah, it’s on the Road Map as “add rectangle control to Mask: Simple Shape”.


When is this likely to land? I am working on blurring parts of a video right now to not leak the names of all my Discord friends to the public in a bug report to WebCord, and it’s really tedious to get the mask zipping around the screen correctly with those sliders, to blur all my friend’s names but not the relevant parts of the video while those move across the names of my friends on the screen.
I’m using Shotcut 22.01.30. If it already has landed (because I can’t find it in the roadmap) and I just have too old of a version, please tell me how to get the newest one on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (or will that be in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS’s APT repos when the in-place upgrade to that will get suggested in a few months?).

The rectangle control in the Mask: Simple filter was added in version 23.05.07

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Okay, I’ve switched to the FlatPak now because the deb was too old.
Thanks for telling me :slight_smile: