Moving clips to the right on timeline to make gaps

Hello. I have received amazing support yesterday to my first ever post on this forum and I need more help. It is my first approach to editing. I have split my first video to short pieces on my timeline. Yesterday I succesfully made a big empty gaps between the clips. Now I have split my second video and I need to make bigger gaps between the clips (the green space to insert pieces from video 1). I am pretty sure that I have done it yesterday by just pointing the arrow on the edge of the clip and dragging the green stripe to the right. But now when I am trying to do so, the actual clip is getting cut shorter. How do I move the multiple clips to the right without them cutting shorter to make empty space between them but so they keep their length?
Hope this makes sense

If you grab a clip on the left or right edge you will get a green or red bar at the end, indicating you can trim the beginning or end of the clip, i.e. the clip is shortened (the beginning or end is cut of).

If you want to move a clip to the right, make sure it is selected and you have activated “ripple trimming” (and ripple on all tracks, if needed):

Than you can move the selected clips with all clips following to the right as much to the right as you want to:

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Coud I just add to this excellent advice and make it clear to the OP the distinction between dragging the EDGES if the clip, and click/hold/dragging the clip by selecting anywhere on the clip itself (not the edges).
So to MOVE a clip without trimming it, point click/hold/drag it from anywhere on the clip itself, to TRIM drag the edges. Hope this adds to the solution.

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