Movie not saved?

I was editing the whole day today and now when I opened shotcut, my movie is in the previous state as if I didnt do anything today. I am sure I saved it + it is saving automatically.

I had problems with missing files today and I did not put all the missing files back in. Second file with “- Fixed” at the end of my movie name was created automatically but both files are without the changes I made today.

Is there any way to bring back what I did today? I don’t know what to do.

Probably you can pick up where you left off with no losses.

  1. Shotcut does not alter your original files.

  2. What Shotcut makes automatically, the automatic save, is a file type called MLT. This is not a video. It is a record of what you did in your edit session, so that it can be reproduce when you resume your edit. You can also create these MLT files manually with Save or Save As.

  3. When you re-open Shotcut, if the essential environment for editing has changed, that is, files are not where they previously were, Shotcut will attempt a remedy. The record of this attempted repair is in a file suffixed"-Repaired" (or “-Fixed”?).

  4. In order to create a playable video of your project, you must do an Export.

Well that is not helpful at all. What should we do when we have that problem? That is the question.

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