Move video/audio clip one frame by a time in the timeline

I am a Premiere CC user and have been looking for an alternative to teach students in Africa the basics of video editing on outdated computers (Dell Optiplex 970) without a decitated GPU. ShotCut runs perfectly on these computers and fulfills all necessary functions to achieve the learning goal (especially when moving multiple objects in the timeline and proxy is implemented). That’s why I want to thank the community first of all, because without ShotCut my knowledge transfer project would not be possible.

At the moment I’m only missing one feature, because I record the sound externally and synchronize it in post:

A marked clip in the Timeline with the help of a ShortCut e.g.: Alt + arrow key to move one frame by “click” left or right.

It’s quite clear to me that you can also zoom in and move the clip to the desired point, but zooming in and out costs a lot of performance on old hardware and it’s a “fiddle around” until you have found the right frame. It would be much easier and more pleasant, if there would be a “keyboard” possibility for it.

Since I’m not a programmer, I don’t know how complex such a feature is. If I can contribute to the implementation, let me know.

Greetings from Europe/Austria/Vienna

Not quite sure what you mean by zoom…
It sounds like you’re trying to find the correct frame as well…

You can also use the arrow keys.

Also known as “nudging”

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I meant “nudge” or the nudge function. I have now gone through the suggested posts and the function doesn’t seem to exist. So I wanted to ask if there is a comment about it.

Is that feature intended to be implemented or what can/must be done to implement it?

Can I help in any way in this regard?

No, it does not exist yet, but it was already suggested a few times. The only way you can help is to submit a source code change per our How to Contribute page. In the meantime, a sequence of keyboard shortcuts (press F1 in the app to see them) may work depending on whether you need to ripple or not. For example:

  1. double-click the clip to move (or seek to its start and select it using keyboard shortcuts)
  2. press Ctrl+C to copy it
  3. press Delete to lift it
  4. press left or right cursor keys as desired for new position
  5. press B to overwrite from the clipboard at the current position

Thanks for the quick answer - Then I’m waiting in anticipation for the feature.
Thanks for the great work!