Move the audio track after the video is output

Hello, I want to ask if you don’t know what I’m doing wrong, when the audio track moves 0.1 seconds forward after the video is output. I have it exactly in the project and in order to have the final video well, I have to move the sound back a given value. Thank you for the advice. Robert

Hi @RobisPlesna
You obviously translate from your own language to English, but sadly it is difficult to understand what you explain.
Do you mean to say this?

  • When you play your project IN Shotcut, the audio is synchronized with the video.
  • After you export your project, when you open the file in a media player, the audio is not in synch with the video anymore.

I had this problem previously.

In my case, it was from using a mixture of different speed codec video clips, which included some VFR clips along with CFR clips.

It seems like the Preview of the Timeline interprets the ambiguities of all of those differing frame rates in a slightly different way than the Export software does.

The solution, in my case, was to now always convert my raw files to Edit Friendly Codecs (which Shotcut will do for you, if you so choose) then doing all of the project editing on those intermediate files, including the audio synchronization.

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