Move several markers at once

As I’m editing audio the markers will not be at the same spot, as the audio shifts in location. Is there a way to move all the markers at once to help with this issue so that markers can reflect approximately closer to the new location?

Hi LTD. Check this timeline button to ripple all markers from the one you’re dragging.
Don’t forget to uncheck it after dragging.


I can’t seem to be able to move two markers at time. After clicking the above icon, what’s the next step?

When I have markers for future edits, I make the edit to the audio and then remove the marker for that edit. When I have several more markers that need to be dealt with, they naturally are no longer at the spot where they were. I’d like to be able to move the markers only and move all the ones over to update where the next edits are.

Move multiple markers without moving the clip is not currently implemented.
Workaround :
1- Move the clip
2- Note the number of frames from the clip start marker (eg: 9)
3- Press CTRL+J and enter 09 in ‘Set Jump Time’
4- Select next Marker (MAJ+>), press ALT+Page Down and move the marker under the playhead.
Repeat 4- for each marker to modify
It’s quite fast for some markers, but I agree that it’s very laborious for a lot of markers.


The idea is to not have to move the audio part at all. For now, the markers give me an idea that something is coming up for me to deal with and I remove markers as I pass them.

Would only moving markers be something worth implementing?