Move selected clips

Windows 10
22.10.25 64-bit

Since the 22.09.23 update I cannot select a series of clips in the timeline and move them forward to create space to insert an additional clip. Only the first clip of the selected series moves by click and drag. Selecting Ripple Tracks has no effect. Thanks

Hi @funkenbeachin

It works fine on my 22.10.25 version of Shotcut.

Works fine for me, too, thanks. Apparently, I never let go of the mouse button.

Work-around was paste then lift a clip. This topic may be forever deleted!

In earlier versions of Shotcut the entire selection moved while dragging. Currently only the first clip of the selection moves while dragging, but the entire selection is moved. MusicalBox has provided a good demonstration. Having Ripple on or off doesn’t seem to matter. It would be nice if the first clip of the selection moved over, instead of under, the rest of the selection, so the move could be accurately positioned. But I’m not complaining, just enjoying the great software!

I think it’s a good point. I agree that the old behavior was better.
To be clear for everyone, here’s a comparison between two version of Shotcut.
On top, the latest version (22.10.25)
On bottom, an old version (20.09.27)

Like @funkenbeachin explained, in the latest version, we lose sight of the right border of the clip(s) when we drag them forward in the timeline.

I suspect that this new behavior might be related to the major upgrade made to the user interface.
Another behavior affected by this upgrade was reported here:

So we will most likely have to learn to work with these changes.
In my opinion it’s a small price to pay compared to the very useful new features added to Shotcut:


  • Animated previews of the filters and transitions.
  • Actions search panel.
  • Customizable shortcuts.

These behavior changes are unrelated. The toolbar changed to a different technology but not the tracks area. The problem reported is a minor regression that I think can and should be addressed.

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This is fixed for the next version.