Move layers

Hello everyone… I want to make something link this :

Is it possible ? Thanks


The slide transition is easy.

The slide with a logo is a bit tricky but it can be done.

1 Like I have also done something similar. It mainly involves using simple masks and the size and position filter. If lots of people want it, I can make a youtube tutorial on how to do it.

Thank you so much…I think that make some tuto like theses (for Hitfilm) will be very interesting :thinking:

The video in text is easy to do. Shotcut doesn’t have a set matte effect like Hitfilm. Need to use Chroma key instead.

The end screen is also pretty easy to do. Text, Size and Position and Rotate and Scale filters mostly.

The spinner is courtesy of @Elusien.

The custom 2D transition was the most challenging. Had to use multiple masks with keyframing and mask from file to get the transition to work.

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I do not know this effect in HitFilm, but it sounds like Mask: From File. You can create a text clip, save it as a MLT XML project and use it with Mask: From File > File > Custom, and choose the text clip .mlt. You can even animate the text clip.

Thank you.
I did not know that an mlt could be used with the custom option with Mask from file.

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