Move clips with arrow keys frame by frame

Hi, iam new here and i am searching for an possibility to move clips frame by frame.
I have some clips from dancers and the original audio file.
But to find the exact point for the next dancing step i want to move each clip frame by fram, but how
So that it looks synchron.

BR Mark

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It’s literally the arrow keys. Left arrow to move back, right arrow to move forward

He’s looking for the nudge feature to move the clip by a frame, not the playhead. There isn’t such a feature yet. Slip is on the roadmap but no ETA.

An alternative for now is cut the clip, move the playhead, then paste (overwrite) back onto the track.

Also, if you zoom into the timeline enough and turn off magnetic snap, then you can click+drag a clip one frame at a time. You can also hold down Alt while click+dragging to temporarily disable magnetic snap even while it’s toggled on.


Just have to zoom all the way up and do it manually

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But how can I do it I have 2 clips side by side. For example, in clip one the person stretched the arms out, I will stop it and then I want to move clip two to thus point where person two stretched the arms out, so that It will be synchron.
Upto now if I move the clip it change the time line marker to. Is there a video out there how to do it?

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