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I have edited a video. I have three layers. The main video layer with multiple video clips (with their own audio), an additional audio layer with background music and a third (topmost) layer with bits and pieces of text that I have added for explanation/clarification.

After editing the whole thing, I realise that one of the video clips is too long and I need to cut off a section to shorten it. That is easy to do. But if I do that and move the other clips, the top track and the bottom track will not move accordingly. The background music and text prompts will become out of place.

Is there a way to slice through all the layers at a certain point, delete equal sections of all layers and then move everything together, so that things don’t go out of place?

Any help appreciated.

Hi @BazzaBoy

Maybe Ripple All Tracks is what you are looking for.
Make sure you save your project before you use it though. The Ripple All Tracks button can help you in many cases, but it can sometimes mess up a project if you are not careful.


  • Split the part of the clip you want to delete.
  • Select that part that has been cut out.
  • Activate the Ripple All Tracks button
  • Click on the Ripple Delete button.
  • Deactivate the Ripple All Tracks button (never leave it ON when you don’t need it)


Thank you @MusicalBox,
I will try that. Have a nice day.

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