Move a clip on a track with a step of one frame

There are keyboard shotcuts to move the position of the timeline with a step of one frame (Left / Right) without moving the clips.
I’d like to do the opposite way : Move a clip on a track with a step of one frame without moving the position of the timeline.
How can I do this ? Are there some keyboard shortcuts for this function ?
This will be very usefull to synchronize exactly many tracks (For example : different clips recorded during a concert) when it’s difficult to do this with the function based on the sound.

All the keyboard shortcuts are soecified here:

To do what you want I would do the following:

  • Position to the start of the clip
  • Step left (or right) by 1 frame
  • Ensure snapping is ON (and possibly Ripple & Ripple All Tracks depending on your requirements)
  • Drag the clip to the playhead.

Thanks for this work-around but I’d like to avoid to position to the start of the clip.
Imagine I place the timeline cursor on a specific image of a first clip. I’d like to move a second clip frame by frame to find the specific image in this second clip and, this way, to synchronize the second clip to the first one. If I position to the start I couldn’t know if my synchronization on my specific image is good.

Ah yes. I see how my solution would not help in this instance, but it’s the only one I could come up with.

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