.mov files from OBS lose about a second of video when on shotcut video track

The audio is fine all the way through.

The first second or so of video is static.

If I cut the track, the first section of OBS generated .mov files are always static, audio is always fine from start to finish.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Not being familiar with OBS and any of it’s file type options, have you tried re-encoding the .mov container using Handbrake before importing into Shotcut?

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Quick fixes are always the best! Thanks, steve_Ledger!

Is there a particular reason why you’re using mov? Most people I know usually use mp4 or mkv for their OBS recordings to avoid issues like these.

Regardless, you might want to consider muxing your mov files in OBS first before working on them in shotcut.

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switch to .mkv in obs and you issues will go away
never transcode or re-encode, try simply using mkvtoolnix gui to remux it to mkv, so the video/audio is bit idedical

So, what are you going to do after you’ve brought your precious video into Shotcut??

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my point is never transcode/re-encode to get it into a video editor, you want the best source :wink:

lossless overlords bless us with a new codec

Agreed, but sometimes there’s no other option. You have to deal with what you have.
Never say never is my point.

isnt that a james bond movie?

Be sure that OBS is not using variable frame rate encoding. Shotcut does not work well with variable frame rate files because it is not easy to seek in those files.The frame rate should be “constant”.

People can use Properties > menu > Convert to Edit-friendly…. It is not only for variable frame rate or non-seekable videos.

Yes, worth trying

true and yes obs and amd relive creates VFR files