MOV Clips loaded into timeline do not play

When I load MOV clips into my timeline and I want to watch the preview it does not show me the video anymore, it only plays the audio.
I am using shotcut on ubuntu.

Hi @vaanvizard
Can you share a screen capture of your entire Shotcut window.
Be sure there is one MOV clip in the timeline of course, and that we see the timeline.

Also indicate what version of Shotcut you use.
Don’t say “the latest”. The current latest is 23.06.14, but there is also a 23.07 Beta version available.

MOV works fine almost always, but MOV can have many different codecs. It is a container format. You can use in Shotcut Properties > menu-button > More Information to provide detailed info about the file. Maybe you are using broken packages not provided by us. Get Shotcut through our download page instead of going through your Ubuntu packages / software manager.

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