MouseWheel in TimeLine


when I use the MouseWheel in the TimeLine:
with v20.02.02 BETA TimeLine scrolls Up/Down…
with v20.02.17 it scrolls Left/Right…?
How can again scroll Up/Down?


ALT + Mouse Wheel.

Configurable controls aren’t even on the roadmap, so if you really can’t stand this, you will probably have to reverse the code change and compile Shotcut yourself if you have the time.

In your case, since you tend to have a lot of tracks, layers and effects, there is a chance you could benefit from docking the Timeline panel to the right edge of the screen rather than the bottom edge. It’s possible to have the Timeline panel reach from the very top to the very bottom of the screen, which gives a view of lots of tracks at once for heavy compositing work. Then the left/right mouse scroll is quite useful with that setup. It works for some people and some workflows (mine included), but may not be for everyone.

I’m absolutely aware of it…
The thing is, that it needs a huge mouse move to the Up/Down-scrollbar… :wink:
Instead a small move to the bottom for the Left/Right-scrollbar.
And you should know how it looks like how I’m working… :slight_smile:
(Mostly I’m lying in front of the monitor. :smile: )

Hm, I’m just trying to dock the TimeLine aside of the SourcePlayer…, but can this be done?

Mouse wheel behavior was recently added to the Keyboard Reference page F1.

Hey @Earlybite,
I’ve made a new Video where I also explain the new mousewheel-funktions:


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