Mouse wheel not working properly sketch and fade filters

Rolling the mouse wheel over the contrast and color numeric fields in sketch filter is not working.

Also cannot adjust the fade in/out duration of the audio and video fade filters with the mouse wheel

Are they bugs or just not implimented? Because it’s the same in older versions.

You are absolutely right Steve. They are not implemented.

Checked the older versions in Linux and the mouse wheel is not working. My memory is getting faulty.:frowning_face:

The timecode entry controls in fade filters are not spinboxes and do not support the mouse wheel. Not sure I will get around to adding that.

On the Sketch filter, those two fields had a step size of 0.1 but with no decimal digits! I fixed that for next release v18.07 to have a step size of 1.

The timecode controls work with the up and down arrow keys. I thought they also worked with the mouse wheel.