Mouse lag

Just installed Shotcut on top of a fresh install of Windows 11 on a brand new system. I5-13600KF, 32GB ram, 3060ti and M.2 SSD. I am using a standard USB optical mouse. No matter what I am doing in Shotcut, there is significant mouse lag if I move the mouse faster than a snails pace. As soon as the mouse moves outside the shotcut window, it’s 100% fine in Windows and every other application. No other programs running, CPU & GPU are both doing nothing. But I have mouse lag in Shotcut all the time, even without any project loaded. Video playback is fine, but editing is obviously negatively affected by this lag, as I have to move very slowly in everything I do in order to avoid it. I tried searching but could not find any other complaint of such. Thank you in advance for any suggestion or solution.

Never mind it was G-Sync. However, I’m unsure as to why this would cause mouse input lag. G-Sync was set to affect full screen only - and I was running Shotcut in a window.

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