Mouse cursor alignment

Operating system: Windows 10

Shotcut version 23.07.29 but the bug also occurred on a previous version

The bug is repeatable.

The Issue
When returning to Shotcut after my laptop screen times out, the mouse cursor no longer registers with the screen objects correctly - there is an offset. For example, when working correctly, if the mouse cursor is hovering over the play controls - like play or play quickly forwards, the button will be delineated with a square box. But, when returning to Shotcut after a screen timeout, this no longer happens unless the mouse cursor is placed some distance below the target button. The problem is obvious over these particular buttons but not so easily seen when working in the timeline say. Correct operation can be restored by toggling the maximize button at the top-right corner. Apologies if the problem has already been reported, but since it has been present over multiple versions, I thought it worth reporting anyway.

Thanks for the great software.

As an experiment, I suggest to try resizing the Shotcut window to see if that re-registers the window dimensions.

Hi Brian,

re-sizing the Shotcut window, in either the vertical or horizontal direction also fixes the the alignment/registration.