Motovlog (Shotcut 24.06.26)

Picture in picture
Crop: Source
Time lapse at traffic waits (Inc PIP)
Start and end transitions
Box:blur (animated)
Chroma: Simple (green screen end screen)
1920 x 1080 30fp (variable FR)
16m dur
90m render
Software encoder (hardware not reliable anymore*)

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G | FHD 1920 x 1080 | 30 FPS

*Acer Swift 1 | Intel Pentium Quad Core Processor N3710 @ 1.60 GHz | Intel HD Graphics | eMMC 64GB | 4GB DDR3 L Memory | 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Windows 10 | 22H2 | 19045.4598

Fantastic Job! Great use of a lot of features in Shotcut.

I love the map display. Can you explain how you did that?

I would suggest to crop off the left side of the map. It seems the arrow is on the right side. So you wouldn’t lose much:

Also, I wonder if the camera should be angled down just a little more. It seems that in a lot of scenes, the upper left side of the video is just wide open sky. Or maybe less zoom on the camera? I’m not sure since I am not an camera expert.

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for your reply and the work gone into it.

My Samsung Galaxy A54 and the Waze satnav app does all the work once the phone is put in the phone holder:

1 Phone is set to auto rotate.

2 Open Camera and do nothing yet.

3 Open Waze app and as you switch to it as a thumbnail, tap the circle on top to split the view, this…

4 …will halve the screen and allow to select the Camera to fill the other halve.

5 Swipe down on phone to access Screen recording and start recording. Swipe back up again.

6 Press the record on the camera, still in the split view.

7 start driving :blush:.

So the screen recording records the map (Waze) and the camera. The camera also records the drive. So there we be two MP4 files.

The trick is that the screen recording needs to record Waze and the camera at the same time thus the split view. Otherwise if you’re screen recording Waze then record on the camera the screen recording will stop.

Then the screen recording is cropped in Shotcut to get rid the of the camera halve and resized to 75% to become Picture-in-Picture. The other MP4 is the A Roll.

The reason I did not extend the left crop further is because I want the viewer to see as many road signs (and sea) as possible and if I had I would have cropped off the name of the city (Eastbourne) as you can see in your pic :blush: There is method in my madness :joy:

The phone holder isn’t the best. And I try to angle it above the bonnet/screen wipers. However, sometimes the adjustment moves and I end up with more sky and little road, I never considered pinching out the screen :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This is great. Thanks for sharing those instructions.

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I often get confused between miles and kilometers, however 60 kmph or 35 miles is not slow according to me, rather 30kmph is slow, and I would not convert 30kmph to miles :sweat_smile:

I still don’t understand why america, the great country of freedom hasn’t adopted the world standard metric system :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem. Thanks for the interest. It’s taken me hours to sync, especially when one is ultra fussy, but the results are worth it :blush:

That’s what Shotcut needs: a) auto scene cut selection and b) auto align :full_moon_with_face:

I think our American Cousins like things to be uncomplicated. Words with “u” in them are removed if they sound the same. Why have miles and yards when you can just have metres. Same with stones, pounds and ounces, when one can have pounds.

But I’m sure in parts of Europe like Cyprus have kmph instead of mph :thinking: :blush:

I know we’re not supposed to discuss it now but I didn’t see a problem with your comment. However, now that it has been explained, I understand and feel awkward by it. :roll_eyes:


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I am not really sure about the uncomplicated things, it is definitely harder as an asian to understand when someone says they are carrying 200 pounds, what? Weight or money? Cuz it’s also used for money…

Also for a fun fact, america was going to adopt metric system, they signed for that with britishers, but ironically some british pirates looted that ship which contained information about metric system…

I too agree that British English is too complicated, american english is a lot better. But british measure system is better than the american measure system…

I know that metric system is also taught in schools in USA, but nobody in america understands that’s their system is only used in america, the rest of the world has a hard time understanding their system, if they know it, they should just use it.