Motion Tracking

Yesterday my uncle gave me a video clip, and told me that I need to do motion tracking in 3/4 of the video. The video has a very big length ( i.e. 2h 30mins) So too much keyframing causes shotcut to crash,
If you can add it in next updates then it will be very good or if you have found or made any motion tracking plugins, then you can send it to me now.

I know it could be hard to make it available for next updates but if you can provide a plugin for that to me than I would be very complacent that I could do what he said to me.

(I am doing keyframing on a 213mb video, so I need that plugin with video availability)

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What is being tracked for 1h52m worth of video? What does “motion tracking” mean in this context, as the term is extremely vague and encompassing? Is there a face blur filter that should follow a person’s movement, like simple keyframing? Are we talking rotoscoping with automatic edge detection? Are we talking 3D motion and geometry extraction to create dynamic layers for masking and compositing?

Blender can already do these things today and you’re already familiar with Blender. So that’s probably the fastest option for your situation.

I have two clips, one that has to be used for tracking is 2h 30mins and the second is 1h 49mins long which has to be an motion follower object. In almost 3/4 of the first video a sparrow is flying and I have to motion track that sparrow and apply the second clip that is the same length to be a object that is following the sparrow motion.

I have checked blender but the problem is it is taking too much ram (i.e. 1.9gb) and at the same time I have already opened another window of blender to render a car animation that is 26 mins long and it will take almost 2 days more as because of higher number of samples and the car seen is using also a big amount of ram (i.e. 3.7 gb) and the render is slowing down my pc and several more tasks are there on my 32gb ram pc, just 3gb of ram is free on it. Because of that I am using my 3 years old laptop with 4gb ram and no graphic card on it that is why it crashes in between If I keyframe too much.

If you can find even an paid plugin for motion tracking in shotcut then I am ready to use it, as, I have just 37 hrs left because then he will get back to his hometown.